Fake Movie Friday: Flies Attack

Yeah I know it’s late but listen, I’m a man with man needs! And as a man I have things to do. Such as get a burrito. So summer in my apartment building means flies. Thus a houseguest gave this suggestion.

Flies Attack

Movie opens with fire trucks speeding through a small town. People are running out of their homes chasing after them. The camera follows to a school burning to the ground. There are only a few students outside as the parents arrive realizing their kids never made it. The camera pans to one student standing stone faced as cops scream around him. TITLE

Cut to a mental institution as the film tells us it is ten years later. A doctor walks in an tells the teen. Micah, that he is proud of him. Micah is quiet and gathers his things to leave. He gets in a car driven by his mother. His mom looks to be afraid of him as they talk. Micah asks how the town feels about him coming back and his mother ignores him.

They pull onto their street to find people picketing. News crews are talking about how Micah is finally returning home from the hospital after being suspected of starting the fire that killed so many children years before. They have to fight through the crowd to get inside.

That night Micah tries to sleep and has a nightmare. He’s a kid again in the basement of the school. There are flies all around him as a unknown man yells something unintelligible brandishing a torch. Micah jumps awake looking afraid. He heads to the old school grounds and meets a girl his age. She seems a bit of as she explains she knows him, knows what he really is, that he didn’t start the fire. Flies start to gather around him a bit and she runs.

He heads home and upon describing her to his mother she gets angry and ignores him. He finds an old yearbook in the attic and flips through it. He finds her picture in it as she was in the same class as him in the school. He flips through the book and finds a picture of the man from his dream. He was the Janitor.

Micah has the same dream again but hears the Janitor screaming about how he needs to stop the sickness. He wakes again with a jolt. He heads to find the girl from the day before. He finds her house but her family is there dead and she is nowhere to be found.

He heads home scared and asks him mom about the janitor from his dreams. She tells him about Mr Graves who went crazy after the fire claiming all these strange things about evil and the plague of flies. Micah gets excited thinking that this means the janitor was the one who started the fire.

Micah wakes again that night to the sound of flies after his dream again where this time he sees the girl. He finds her. She tells him that the Janitor did in fact start the fire. BUT it was because Micah is evil and the flies listen to him. He freaks outs and remembers his power. The flies attack her and she dies. He walks back towards town with the swarm around him. The flies converge on the town.

The end.