Fake Movie Friday: Fool Me Once

So it’s a tradition that I ask the audience at Pig Pile for a suggestion for my next day’s Fake Movie Friday. It’s a great way to involve our friends in the site and maybe grab some new readers. Alas here’s possibly the 4th title Zach has shouted out.

Fool Me Once

Movie opens with Paulson, a ceo, driving his fancy car into the expansive driveway of his mansion. On the phone he is rudely firing someone but as he opens the door he finds that he has been robbed. His house is empty and there is only a note on the floor that reads “Shame on you.”

Cut to a young thief, Jack, running from the police with a bag of jewels in hand. He gives them a good chase but is ultimately cornered. He’s taken in and interrogated a bit by a good cop bad cop team. He gets some funny lines in and gives them shit. In walks Paulson and offers him a job.

Paulson wants Jack to use his contacts to track down the thief and find where his stuff is. Jack wonders how Paulson has the money to do this, having just lost everything. Paulson says that though his things were stolen his money lies in a safe off his grounds. Jack agrees to avoid prison. Paulson sets up surveillance on Jack.

Jack talks to some people looking for the person responsible for the theft. He gets nowhere and returns home, only to find an older man in his apartment. Clifford, the old thief has heard that Jack was looking for him. Jack gives him a story about wanting to learn to be better. How he almost got caught after his last job.

Clifford agrees to help him. He tells his how he is planning his next job. Jack goes along and they start casing the next house. Paulson tells Jack that he needs to find out where he is keeping the things and to go along with the next heist. They steal from another rich man and Paulson actually enjoys this, it is a rival.

Clifford tells Jack after the heist that they will move the stuff to his warehouse. Paulson tells Jack that this will be their chance. That as soon as they enter the warehouse the cops will raid it. Jack and Clifford enter the warehouse but the radio goes dead. The cops raid it and they tell Paulson that he should get in there. He enters finding the place empty and Jack unconscious.

Paulson yells at Jack the next day and fires him. He heads to his office and heads to a giant safe. Opening it he finds it empty with a note reading “Shame on me.” The camera pans out of the building to giant bags filled with the cash being hoisted to the roof. Clifford is there and gathers them into a helicopter.

We see Clifford unloading the money on a small tropical island. He enters his home and hears “Hello Dad.” Standing before him, beers in hand, is Jack. The two cheers and laugh.

The End.