Fake Movie Friday: Open Their Hearts

Hello Friends! I decided it is finally time to bring the Their Hearts Trilogy to a close. Based on a young adult book series that doesn’t actually exist, this highly successful franchise comes to it’s heartbreaking conclusion! ICYMI Part 1: Bless Their Hearts and Part 2: Break Their Hearts.

Open Their Hearts

We open on the beach from the 2nd film. Brad sits relaxing. He looks around confused. Scott and Becka walk hand in hand toward him. He tries to talk to them but they do not acknowledge him. A faint beeping starts up and is getting faster and louder. Camera comes close to Brad’s face and as it backs up he is actually tied to a stretcher with doctor’s over him. He looks down and his chest is open and they are poking at his heart


He wakes the next morning and immediately grabs his chest. There are no scars. The old man enters the room and tells him about the healing power they have when near each other. Brad yells for Becka realizing she must be close. The old man says she won’t hear him so he attempts telepathically. Once again the old man says that won’t work either, not with Scott’s help. Scott enters, dead eyed, still under control.

The old man says “let him listen” and at once Brad’s head pounds with Becka yelling in pain. The old man says that he needs to know why they are different. Why they survived as others have died. Brad is confused at the mention of others. The old man leaves with Scott following.

Becka is thrown into a cell and she cries. Food is slipped through the door and she notices it is more than usual. Scott stands outside looking in. She realizes there is a part of him that is trying to get her attention. She strains to communicate with him and he screams in pain, falling to the floor. He wakes looking healed and she cradles him and kisses him. Brad smashes through the wall, all his powers having recently returned and finds them kissing. The awkward moment passes as the three escape.

They find a small cabin to hide out in. As Scott is resting, Brad and Becka argue outside about what he walked in on. They are interrupted by Scott’s voice in their heads saying it was his fault. They sit and talk though things are strained. Brad mentions how the old man said others. Scott says they should go talk to the only person who ever knew anything.

They arrive back at Brad’s hometown and head to the hospital to talk to the old security guard. They find him in a bed dying. He admits that he actually worked for the old man back in the day. But he saw how the man had killed people, that it wasn’t a storm and random lightning. That he experimented on the children. The old man has always been searching for power, and even immortality. He tells that that it was him who actually took them away from the old man; having lied and said they were dead like the others.

They leave him to rest and head back to their cabin. Brad wants to run but Scott and Becka say they need to fight. They can’t run anymore. Scott gives Brad shit saying he was built for running (brad being the flyer as you all undoubtedly remember).

They attack the compound and are going fine until a voice yells halt. They look up and see not the old man but a younger man. He says’s he has done it and they realize it’s the man. He flies off his balcony and attacks them. The fight is nuts and they realize the man heals quicker than they do. He attacks in force and kills Brad! Becka and Scott yell out, both losing their ability of flight. They both yell out his name. The man starts to laugh and monologue.

He stops as they begin to hear crying. He laughs but realizes that it is not anyone there crying. He yells out looking for the source and hers a voice yell “you killed my dad.” Everyone turns to Becka realizing she is pregnant. The voice yells out again and the man drops to his knees, shouting in pain. His head explodes.

Brad and Becka embrace and she cries. The baby inside her says, it’s ok mom. They both lift off the ground realizing that the baby is gifting them flight. They fly away carrying Brad’s body. They bury him and walk off hand in hand speaking in their heads to each other and the soon to be born child.

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