Fake Movie Friday: Break Their Hearts

So here we go. It’s part 2 of the ‘Their Hearts’ Trilogy. If you missed part one you are a GODDAMN ASSHOLE, but here is a link to Bless Their Hearts. Once again this film is based on the best selling series of young adult books that I made up. It’s the dark 2nd chapter.

Break Their Heart: Part 2 of the Their Hearts Saga

We open with a sweeping helicopter shot over a secluded beach as we hear Brad (flight) in voice over. He sits on the beach telling how the three of them ran off together and went to find somewhere peaceful and learned more about their gifts, and that being close together only made them stronger. A rumbling is heard before Scott (strength) flies up out of the water holding in his bare hands a massive fish. He walks over to a fire, takes out a large knife and starts preparing the fish.

We hear Scott’s thoughts as he says Becka will love this. Brad gives him a strange look, hearing what he said, before heading out as they realize this must mean Becka is back. They race to the house as she enters. She hugs them both hello. Later that night as they share dinner together Becka shows them something she’s been working on. She shows that she has found a way to shut of their power to hear their thoughts when they are around each other. Brad and Scott give themselves strange glances at this news both looking happy.

More time goes by in montage, as the three grow closer together. Brad and Becka especially get closer as Scott clearly is not happy about this. One night Brad and Becka hook up and we see Scott can hear their thoughts as it happens since Becka’s guard is down and can’t control her powers.

The next day Brad looks happy and does something trivial to rub Scott the wrong way. They fight across the beach and jungle causing massive damage. The two of them sharing both flight and speed. At one point they start flying over the water at an immense speed at each other and suddenly fall out of the sky, their powers turned off by Becka. She yells at them both about fighting showing them the damage they’ve done.

The camera zooms out above them showing the damage, then again zooming back to a satellite. We follow the signal down to a bunker where the mysterious old man from the end of the first film is called to the screen by a soldier announcing they’ve found them. An evil grin comes across his face.

Back at the beach the three are waking up the next morning and Becka tries to get them to make up. They go to shake hands and the wall blows near them. They fly across the room as we see their house surrounded by soldiers. They start to fight them off. Becka is hit with some sort of tranquilizer dart and passes out. They yell at each other to get her away from the fight. Scott says that if he leaves Brad won’t be able to fight them. Brad says that if he leaves Scott won’t be able to fly away. Scott says, I know and picks up Becka and places her into Brad’s arms before picking them both up and throwing them into the air. Brad flies away holding Becka as we see Scott overwhelmed.

Becka awakes to find only Brad there. She gets upset. Brad tries to kiss her but she turns away. She says that they have to track him down, save him like they saved her. They track him down somehow, though their relationship is weakening, as she won’t let him kiss her. They fight about what they had and he tells her that this just means he doesn’t love him but really Scott. She slaps him.

They track him down some how and go to attack the place they are holding Scott. Now that they are close they add his strength to their arsenal, but they can’t psychically hear him. They confront the mysterious older man and Brad flies forward to attack before hitting the ground, his powers off. He turns to ask Becka what she is doing and sees her nose bleeding. It’s not me she whimpers as Brad turns to see Scott standing next to the older man with a crazed look in his eye.