Fake Movie Friday: Nesting

I’m tired as hell. It was stupid hot yesterday and I probably should have had more water, also less beer. I have no idea what to write. I need a title. Time to find someone to give me one. I’ll be right back. YES! Tigs reminded me about an idea I had on the last podcast. It’s not up yet so when you listen to it you’ll see my AMAZING creative process.


Open on young people driving out to the boonies to clean out the house of one of their great aunts who died. Ken rides in the back next to his girlfriend Kris. In the front are Don and his girlfriend Laura. Ken’s aunt died of old age and the family hardly talked to her.

They arrive at the house and are we get a jump scare as Ken’s little brother Cal was hiding in the trunk. He wanted to be involved since he never knew his great aunt and their parents are getting divorced so he’s been lonely. They enter the house and it is a mess. On the table is a box postmarked from Siberia. It’s beat up and old looking. It is addressed to the old woman but there is no return address.

Ken wants to throw it away but Cal opens it up and they find a Russian Nesting Doll inside. Cal opens the first layer and inside the cute girl outer layer is a scary monster layer. Kris tells Cal to knock it off. Kris takes it and closes it.

That night the 4 older characters drink and hang out. Cal sneaks back into the living room and takes the nesting doll. He heads into the room and opens it again but the monster interior is not there. Back in the other room Kris looks ill and falls to the floor. Her stomach bulges a bit and the three back away. They get he into bed as the weather outside makes it impossible to drive out.

Don and Laura go to sleep and Ken sits with Kris. Her skin is losing its tone and almost becoming see-through. IN the other room Cal looks at the doll. He opens it again but the second layer now looks like Kris. He opens that layer and the monster is there again.

Ken wakes up suddenly to Kris’ screams, her skin falling off her. She screams and runs out into the rain. The group follows as now it looks as if something is fighting to get out of her body. The monster from the doll bust out and attacks Don killing him. The remaining three run back into the house and start to barricade themselves. Laura is dragged out through a window and killed.

Ken and Cal make it to the car and drive off. Cal fiddles with the doll again and Ken notices the small monster figure. They crash into the median on a high bridge over a river. The monster runs for Cal and Ken pushes him aside taking the doll. He swallows the small monster piece and the monster disappears. He turns to Cal and looks sick just as Kris did. He tells his little brother he is sorry, and that it is not his fault as he walks to the edge and jumps off. The rest of the doll explodes. Cal walks off alone.

The End.