Fake Movie Friday – Out To Lunch

Out to Lunch is a shitty slacker comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg, Adam Devine, and Teresa Palmer.

The basic structure is as follows: Two best friends, Nick (Eisenberg) and Seth (Devine), in their mid 20’s work in a mall at Sneaker store in middle america.  They are mostly content to dick around at work, piss off their boss, Mr. Franklin, played by Orlando Jones, and eat in the mall food court everyday.  They share an apartment that is a wreck and mostly drink beer, smoke drugs, and play xbox all day.  Life could not be better.  They don’t even care about girls.  That is until one day, their best gal play Renee, who works at the Chicken N’ Such in the food court informs them at lunch that she’s recently been dumped by her boyfriend who cheated on her then dumped her.  It’s clear both these dudes, have always had a thing for her, but since she was taken they didn’t think about it.

When the dudes get home, Nick can be seen on his phone, texting and laughing.  Seth, as he’s playing some videogame asks him who he’s talking to, and Nick says Renee.  He’s been talking to her ever since they left work.  Seth tries to play it cool like he doesn’t care, but then goes into the other room to call Renee himself.  Nick runs over to the door and hears Seth laughing with Renee, and hears “it’s a date.”  Nick is now pissed because he thought only he liked Renee.  We now find out that both slackers actually like Renee, and what will transpire over the next hour is both guys gradually becoming enemies as they compete for Renee’s affections.  Dates are ruined, diarreah makes its way into one scene,  vomit in another, and through it all it sort of plays like a low rent Spy vs. Spy.  Only Nick is the smart and sensitive one who learns to be tougher, and Seth is the loud idiot one, who learns to be sensitive or something.

Renee realizing that dating two men who are friends is an awful thing tells them one day that even though she’s enjoyed their affections, what she’s doing is wrong and that she decides to get back with her douchy ex-boyfriend Sam, played by Nick Zano, who in turn, is about to buy the Sneaker store Nick and Seth work at and fire them.  Yes this makes little to no sense, but go with it.  This prompts Nick and Seth to realize that unless they come up with the funds to buy the store outright.  Nick was a business major, and Seth was something like acting or some shit, so together they put a plan together to try and get a loan to pay for the place.  The loan officer played by Fred Willard decides to give them the loan because these guys remind him of himself when he was younger or something.  Sam comes to the store to buy it (like that’s how buy something) and they say it’s not for sale cause they own it now.  Basically we’re supposed to see that even though these guys’ relationship with Renee didn’t work, they both grew up in the process.

Renee dumps Sam this time and says she’d been wasting her time at Chicken N Such (her manager is Indian, and that is played for a few jokes in the early part of the film), and decides to go to law school.  Even though none of them ended up together, they are all super tight buds and all get significant others that are identical to them right before the credits roll.

I didn’t even like writing this.

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