Fake Movie Friday: Photogeneric

My random word generator made me think of a photography school movie. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, so let’s see where this writing takes us.


Tyler is going to art school studying photography. His parents move him in, the normal stupid crap when parents move kids in on the first day of school. Tyler has an old camera, not like the newer digital cameras that all of his classmates have. He immediately falls for Sophia, a girl in his class who also happens to be going out with the head photographer for the schools highly regarded newspaper, Britt (very specifically with two t’s and he makes this know a lot). She is studying digital art and takes a liking to him because he uses an old camera and is a bit weird.

The kids at school keep making fun of him because of his old camera but his teachers all love his photos more than the rest. They say his photos have a certain dispair and human quality about them.  The students all start playing pranks on him. All really lame art school kid pranks. They paint his dorm room door, sneak cameras into the bathroom, make really dumb memes of him and post them all over the campus, dumb dumb shit.

None of it ever seems to bother Tyler, he just goes about like it’s normal. Taking pictures and doing what he needs to do. The newspaper has a competition to find a new photographer to join the team. Everyone in the photography school tries out. There is a multiple person montage  of everyone taking pictures around the campus in different crazy positions and of different crazy things. Tyler submits a photo that depicts a very brutal scene in the quad that depicts very particular students, but no one can figure out when he took it or how he was able to. They believe he photoshopped it but they find the negatives and everything is exactly the same, there was no modification done. He doesn’t win the contest and everyone hates him even more.

The photography class starts to dwindle in size, they start losing people on a weekly and then daily basis. They all seem to disappear without a trace. Finally there is a big brouhaha on the quad. Tyler walking back is stopped by the students who are very drunk and angry. They blame him for the missing students but Tyler says he has nothing to do with it. They start to attack Tyler in a typical mob form. They have weapons made from paint brushes and ones that are sculpted from clay and ones that are carved from stone, circling around Tyler. Sophia steps in to try to get them all to stop, but gets killed in the process. Britt, who was part of the mob, now turns on the mob for what they have done to his girlfriend. He takes a few swings and takes out a kid or two, the other kids all start to pile on. It is a terrible blood bath, all the while Tyler is sitting back with his camera taking photos of everything that is happening.

Finally there is no one left, there are bodies struggling to breathe on the ground but Tyler doesn’t help any of them. He just takes a picture of the scene, it develops as it shows an empty lot where the school’s quad once was with a For Sale sign in the middle of it, or something…


Ugh…. maybe I’ll do better next week…

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