Fake Movie Friday: Family Trigger

I don’t have much of an introduction for this, basically have my fingers crossed that the basic idea that I have from selecting a title turns out to be something fun. Here we go!

Family Trigger

An older Harvey Keitel-ish type man slowly gets out of bed. He looks up to see his NYPD dress blues hanging up ready for him. He showers and gets dressed and we see a ton of pictures him younger getting awards, meeting important people, and finally a few pictures of him with a young girl as she grows up and finally one with her graduating the police academy. As he finishes dressing and leaves the room we see a newspaper announcing the girl was killed on duty.

He exits the house to find a few reporters who question him, but he only plows through. We switch perspective to a reporter on camera saying

“We are here at the house of NY’s former hero cop Tom Hutchins as he leaves for the funeral of his Niece, recently murdered officer Ann Hutchins. Ann is the daughter of Assistant DA, Michael Hutchins. The Hutchins brothers rose to prominence….”

We cut to the gravesite as the gun salute is finishing up and Tom walks away to speak to his brother. He immediately brings up the investigation. Michael yells at him and walks away. Michael wife comes over and hugs Tom. She says the only person Tom ever really knew how to talk to besides a cop was Ann and she became a cop.

The next day Tom heads down to the station and ends up beating up a young cop trying to talk to the captain. The captain comes out and yells at the young cop and they talk. Tom questions about the murder and gets some information. He goes to a shitty neighborhood and an even shittier bar. He beats up the bartender and is yelled at by someone coming out of the back room. He talks with the boss who tells him that word on the street was that Ann stumbled onto something big.

Tom leaves and is picked up by two cops, one being the one he beat up before. They bring him to his brother’s office. Mike tells him to back down. Tom gets angry and attacks him. Mike gives a folder of what Ann was working on. Tom heads to what turns out to be an empty warehouse. He starts to snoop around and is shot in the shoulder. It’s the same cop again. The cop comes in for the kill shot but Tom is able to trip him and kills him.

A phone rings in the cop’s pocket and he takes it out. The caller ID says M. Hutch and upon answering it Tom hears his brother’s voice asking, “Is it done?” Tom answers “Soon.”

Tom arrives at his brother’s home to find Mike in the kitchen. They argue as Mike tries to explain that it wasn’t his fault. Ann got to close to something and he tried to save her, but the people he works for wouldn’t believe him. He pleads with Tom to help him. Tom thinks about it, but we see Mike reach for a gun. We hear a shot as Mike falls off the chair. Tom turns around and we see Ann’s mother holding a gun. She breaks down and cries.

We cut to Tom talking with the police Captain from before. He asks Tom if this is all over. A limo leaves city hall across the street and explodes. Tom says “It is now.” He walks off.

The End