Fake Movie Friday – Q&A UPDATED!

This is my take on the “I’m obsessed with you, and someones gonna die” film.  It will be directed by David Slade.

The film opens with Aaron Mitchell and his wife Rachel getting ready in the morning.  They have a huge house and lots of waitstaff.  They live in the Hollywood Hills.  Aaron is played by Adrien Brody, and Rachel by Kate Beckinsale.  They get into a limo and head to the airport where a small plane is waiting for them.  Aaron’s agent, Frank Bradley, played by Giovanni Ribisi asks him why Aaron even still bothers going to these things, and Aaron says he likes being accessible to the fans.  They deserve it.  Frank replies “Yea right” and just like that the pilot takes off and tells them they will be landing in San Diego in a little over an hour.

Next we see a mother feeding her children at the kitchen table yelling for her husband to come and eat.  The father, Dale Lewis, played by Robin Williams comes to the table.  He has a scraggly full beard and looks relatively dissheveled.  His wife, Deb, played by Mary Steenburgen asks if he has any plans to look for a job today since he got laid off from his IT job, and he says he will, but the market is really thin. She says he can at least try.  It would be better than him sitting around watching episodes of Captain Starr (a popular sci-fi show).  He says it’s more than just a TV show.  Captain Starr is everything he aspires to be.  And then he mocks Captain Starr’s saying “It’s Space Time!” and his kids laugh.  Anyway after the mom takes the kids to school, Dale heads over to the computer to print out his tickets for Comic Con.  When he gets there, there are tons of comic, movie and tv personalities doing quick cameos and we see Dale with his Captain Starr comics to be signed.  Before long we see him waiting to get in line for the Captain Starr panel.  He’s at the front of the line so he gets the best seat in the house.

The panel begins and we see the m.c. preparing to introduce Captain Starr himself.  Backstage we see Frank, Aaron’s agent telling him to get out there and make it quick.  They have an interview with Today in California early tomorrow.  Aaron come’s out and yells “It’s Space Time” and we see a true look of glee on Dale’s face.  The panel goes on for some time and eventually the Q&A starts and Dale fires off question after question, even though there is a line of about 20 people waiting.  He ends up asking four rather innocuous questions, and Aaron answers all of them dutifully.  Lastly Dale asks in what seems like a joking term “would you want to go get a beer sometime?” and Aaron, thinking he wasn’t says “Next time you’re in LA, your first drink is on me, man” Everyone laughs and Dale steps down to listen to the rest of the questions.

Later that evening, Dale returns home late and says to Deb that he thinks things are going to take a turn.  He’s got an interview in LA for a large internet security firm.  They are based all over California, but the interview is at the central quarters.  Dale says it’s in a few days, so he’s going to pack a bag and drive up instead of flying.  They go to bed that night and we see Dale laying down looking at a magazine with Captain Starr on it and Aaron’s quote about the drink plays in Dale’s head.

Frank, Aaron, and Rachel are all at dinner back in LA and Frank is trying to convince Aaron to sign a contract to do Captain Starr for another three seasons at 1 million an episode.  Aaron and Rachel both agree it’s a great deal, but now that they are trying to have kids, they’d like an easier schedule.  Aaron wants to stop after the next season and move onto something else. Frank thinks it’s a mistake, but they change the subject to Comic Con.  Aaron says he’ll miss doing things like that when he leaves Captain Starr.

The next scene we are back in LA and the Today in California studios an we see stock footage of Captain Starr on tv, and it’s looks fucking retarded, but everyone loves it.  Hoda Kotb plays herself interviewing Aaron about the final season of Starr, and he’s explaining how it’s been a great ride, but everything has to come to an end at some point.  Then he turns to the camera and says he has the best fans etc etc, and through the clear glass windows we see Dale outside the studio watching.  Aaron notices this at first, but then brushes it aside.  After the interview Rachel and Aaron are outside waiting for their limo home and Dale comes up from behind and says “I guess I’ll take that drink from you.” Aaron is slightly confused, but then remembers him from the Comic Con panel and says that he wasn’t completely serious.  Rachel is motioning for them to get in the cab, but Aaron says, that this isn’t a good time, but to come by their house later (STUPID) and he’ll show him the first episode of the next season.  Dale says that is even better.  They part ways after Aaron gives him the address, and Rachel thinks it’s an awful idea.  Aaron thinks it’s ok because he has the best fans in the world.  He used to be really poor or some shit and the fans are what made him what he is.  Grudgingly she goes along with this.

That evening Dale comes to the house and Aaron lets him in, he sees lots of memorabilia around the house and stuff and they get to talking about what Dale does for a living.  He explains that he used to work in IT and Security, but he’s in between jobs right now.  Aaron says that he could look into a few things for him and Dale is very appreciative.  It’s clear that after they watch the episode Dale shows no intention of leaving, so Rachel mentions that they have an early day.  They have to go do another interview up in San Francisco.  Dale says he understands and he leaves, but not before looking at the security cameras they have.  Rachel after he leaves says something about him gives her the creeps.  Aaron brushes it off as typical sci-fi fan stuff and then we later on, that Dale has hacked into their cameras and is watching them from his laptop in a motel.  They start having sex and he definitely starts to masturbate, though we don’t see it.  If there was any hint this guy is crazy it’s plainly clear now.  In the morning Dale wakes up to their camera feed and hears they are going to brunch at a restaurant, and Dale makes plans to follow them and act like it’s totally coincidence.  He sees them and attempts to eat with them. Rachel is not at all cordial to him this time, and suggests he leave them be.  Aaron thinks this is over the line, but allows it.  Frank later joins them for brunch and asks “who’s the freak?” referring the Dale.  Dale hears this and is angered by it.  Later that evening, we see Dale hacking into Franks home security.  He sneaks into his house and when Frank comes home with two prostitutes he sees his door already open. The girls run out and he tries to call 911 from his security box, but it doesn’t work.  Dale eventually turns all the lights on and says “It isn’t nice to call fans freaks” and then runs at Frank killing him.

The next morning Aaron sees on the television that his agent has committed suicide, and he’s distraught.  The police don’t know what to make of it either.  Rachel, upset over the whole incident decides to get a manicure and stay at her friends for a while to give Aaron space.  Dale knows this, and still upset over the way he was treated by her, runs into her in the parking lot of the nail place and asks her why he would be so dismissive of him.  She feeling threatened, tries to get in her car, and he stands in front of the door blocking her.  It’s clear he’s in full on crazy mode now.  He talks, she says fuck you and kicks him, gets in the car and speeds off.  Dale apparently can hack anything and sees her GPS directing her to her friends house.  He goes to the friends house, sneaks in a back door, slits the friends throat and leaves it for Rachel to see when she gets out of the bathroom and when she runs for the door, he grabs her and stabs her in a way it makes it look like she did it.

Aaron gets a call that his wife is dead and now the studio looking to protect him try to get the police to put him into protective custody.  He says he doesn’t need it.  The police detective, played by John Lequizamo, doesn’t believe this is all happening accidentally and implores Aaron to reconsider.  He refuses. After the funeral, Aaron goes to a diner to grab something to eat, and Dale is already there. Aaron goes up to him and says after the days he’s had he could use a friend.  Dale says “you really think i’m your friend?” and Aaron says yes, all my friends are.  Eventually Aaron invites Dale home and they get drunk together, and talk about Captain Starr and stuff.  Eventually, Aaron starts talking about all the death around him and how as bad as it is now he can start fresh start over.  Dale getting boastful says he helped him start over.  He killed everyone for him.  Aaron laughs at first but then looking at Dale’s expression he realizes Dale’s not lying.  He did kill them all.  Dale did it because they don’t understand Aaron like he does blah blah blah.  Aaron tries to call the police, but Dale put a signal blocker? is that a thing, in their house.  Aaron eventually tries to leave the house but the doors are electronically locked or something.  Dale explains that he’s always loved Captain Starr and Aaron and nothing is going to take that away from him.  So he shoots Aaron and kills him too.

Dale eventually heads home and we see a news report playing that there was a bizzare series of murders and suicides in the last few weeks mirroring the murders that happened a few years back centered around the series Ice Planet. Dale gets home and his wife asks how the interview went.  He says great, and after the demos he had to do over the days he thinks he has a good shot.  And then Deb asks him if he heard about the Captain Starr killings and he says no. She tells him that she feels like something similar happened just a few years back with Ice Planet, and Dale says probably not, it’s easy to remember things the wrong way.

Movie ends.

It’s stupid as shit right?

I don’t know what happened the first time around, but this is what it was supposed to be.

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