Fake Movie Friday: Smooch and the Gang

A very drunk Zach gave me this suggestion after Pig Pile last night. I actually can’t remember if it was Smooch or Smoosh, but smooch seems to make more sense for whatever this becomes because I have no idea what I’m going to write so let’s start.

Smooch and the Gang

We open on a montage of television news from the 70s talking about Smooch and the Gang, a huge band that was at the top of their game. The clips fade out to show they are a part of a ‘Where are They Now’ type show. The band broke up as their popularity waned in the 80s and their leader Smooch disappeared from the public eye. The show is interrupted as a bottle crashes through the TV as an older over weight Smooch yells at the TV.

Smooch heads out into a broken down car that hardly starts and drives to his job a shitty car wash. He walks in and is yelled at by his boss for being late. On the TV is a gossip show that’s talking about the success of the special on the band. There’s apparently a lot of buzz and interest in a Smooch and the Gang reunion. Smooch tells his boss to go to hell and heads off.

He decides to get the band back together. He heads off and tracks down the lead guitarist of his band, Jax. We flash to the documentary and it talks about Jax being a wild man and having a legendary scream. Jax now works in a library and is not happy to see Smooch. Smooch tries to convince him to get the band back together, but Jax isn’t interested. Smooch lies and says it is for a local rec center where he volunteers to teach music to the neighborhood kids.

This scene repeats itself has Smooch gets the band together with a series of lies. They rent a practice space and when they arrive the man who owns it surprises them. It turns about to be the old bassist of the band who they all forgot about as they were getting back together.

QUICK RAP UP: As they are rehearsing they are starting to get hounded by press about the reunion and it comes out that Smooch has been lying about the reasons behind the reunion. They all desert him feeling betrayed. He does the show anyway acoustic and alone and ends up making a ton of money. He ends up opening a small center for neighborhood kids to learn music. The band ends up forgiving him and helping him out. They are all interviewed by MTV about the center, which is a hit and is getting a lot of other music stars coming in to teach.


Quick cut to the bassist watching the MTV report knowing nothing about the center, yelling SON OF A BITCH.

2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: Smooch and the Gang

  1. Tigs says:

    Both bassist moments are fucking classic and made me laugh out loud at my desk. I thought I knew where this one was going but NOPE. Total surprise, you’re keeping the dream alive Pete! Well done.

  2. peter says:

    Thanks dude. I had such a great time picturing how both those scenes would play out.

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