Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Connect 4

No Tigs on g-chat when I want to start this so I’m going back to some old suggestions. Which means yet another board game named film.

Connect 4

We quickly cut between three different people traveling. Todd is driving, bluetooth headset in his ear yelling about some meeting. Tiffany is driving while crying. Her phone is buzzing next to her with the name Chris, but she is ignoring it. Carlos is on a bike weaving through traffic on a delivery. They all crash as they swerve to avoid a young woman in the street who runs off.

Carlos is lying on the ground hurt as Todd and Tiffany argue. Todd is a total asshole and clearly doesn’t respect Tiffany because of her younger age and gender. Tiffany wants to help Carlos. As he gets up he talks to the others about the young girl they saw and agree caused the accident. The police come and get their info and they leave to contact their insurance companies and Carlos heads to the hospital.

We find more about their life on their own. Todd hates his job and has very little to his life. His wife died years ago and is a bit estranged from his daughter. Tiffany was in a violent relationship with Chris is in in school to be a dental hygienist. Carlos supports his wife and young child with 2 jobs. They are all told that their insurance won’t cover the accident because this “young woman” can’t be proved to be there. Their respective companies are trying to put the blame on the other people in the accident.

This is a huge financial strain for Carlos and Tiffany and Todd just wants his nice car fixed. The three end up agreeing to try and find the young girl as maybe this would help prove the situation to be an accident with no one at fault. They start finding out more about each other. Carlos helps Tiffany with her Chris problem. Tiffany helps Todd learn about youth, women, and want to reconnect with his daughter. Todd helps out Carlos’ wife buying groceries and something for the baby.

They grow into an extended family and seemingly forget the search until it seems like Todd’s higher priced insurance company may be winning and putting blame on the others. They fight again though Todd didn’t know this was happening. That is when, down an alley, he spots the young girl. They give chase and find her. She is homeless and sick. They put their differences aside and decide to help the young girl get the care they need.

They settle their issues with the girl and also pledge to take care of her and stay friends.


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