Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Double Shot

Who knows how long I’ll be hitting that old list of 20+ titles Tigs gave me. Here’s another one.

Double Shot

We open on a warehouse by the dock. A deal is going down with some guns being sold to so foreign gangsters. Something moves in the shadows. A man with a smaller build in black tactical gear stars taking people out quietly. The bad guys start to catch on but are then quickly taken out. We hear a voice in the earpiece of our mystery man that says, “Get to the van, clean up crew here in 5.” The van door opens and someone says “Thank you for your service Agent Johnson.” The mystery man passes out.

A Kevin Hart kind of guy enters a coffee shop. He orders from the barista who is friendly with him asking about his novel that he comes to work on. The barista, Dan, tells him that he seems pretty alert today so maybe no double shot. Kevin agrees and heads over to get to work at his laptop. He spends a few hours there unproductively chatting with an attractive female patron named Dawn. He is not the smoothest.

Dan the barista is on the phone and looks very serious. Kevin is on his way out and Dan says “How about a double shot for the road.” Kevin takes it and his eyes go blank. Dan says “Agent Johnson, welcome back.” Another action sequence goes by as Kevin expertly takes out another terrorist group. Dan shuts him off again. This time though they are being watched.

The next day at the coffee shop Kevin, Dan, and Dawn are at their normal tables when the shop is attacked. Kevin freaks out by tries to protect Dawn. Dan shouts at Kevin that he needs his help. Kevin is terrified and confused why Dan wants him to have a double shot. He takes it anyway as Dawn looks on confused. Kevin is activated and springs into action. Dawn is absolutely shocked. Dan brings the van around and they all drive off. He deactivates Kevin.

Kevin wakes up in a safe house and is confused about how he got there. Dawn is scared and Dan tries his best to explain that Kevin is a deep cover operative and they have been partners for years. Kevin volunteered for this assignment. Kevin argues that he is a writer. Dan asks him how it’s possible that he has never sold any stories yet maintains an apartment in the city. Kevin has no answer for that since it was programmed into his cover.

Dan tells the two of them that they have to go meet up with their handler who gave them this last job (He’s the one on the phone from the other day). They meet up with their handler, Mockingbird, who it turns out is actually turning on them for some reason. The three flee.

Dawn has to help Dan break Kevin’s programming in a very charming scene. Kevin now fully awake kisses Dawn, finally having confidence, and asks her out. She asks when and he replies that him and Dan need to take care of something. The partners head out and defeat Mockingbird. Kevin goes on his date with Dawn.

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