Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Fact Checker

Don’t tell anyone but I’m writing this on a Wednesday! Title from Tigs. Actually everything before now was written on a Wednesday. From here on out is now Thursday work.

The Fact Checker

Christine works for a major metropolitan newspaper. We see a montage of her on the phone calling to check up on all sorts of stories to confirm quotes and details. Every once in a while it is something a bit juicy and people are uncomfortable or angry. Paul, a low level reporter who she doesn’t like and annoys her a bit, stops by and flirts with her. She is saved by one of the most respected and well-known journalists at the paper named Susan.

She heads out with a few friends of hers that are clearly in long-term relationships and thinking of having kids. They are all successful and happier looking. We get the sense that Christine thought this fact checker position would have lead to something bigger by now and she’s thinking of quitting. She ends up talking to a strange yet attractive man named Donny for a bit and he leaves after giving her his phone number.

At work the next day the paper is all a buzz over reports of a rising tech company is heading to the city to test out some new faster internet or something, I really don’t care. Their CEO is an illusive man who doesn’t like to give interviews. An old photo flashes on the scream and she realizes it is Donny, who professionally goes by Donald.

She approaches Susan about having his direct line, and she thinks it would be a good idea to contact him. Paul walks in on their conversation and he seems to be a bit more forceful about what she should do about it and makes it seem like she is going undercover.

She calls up Donny and they make a date. He makes little mention of work and the two actually have a good time. Donny is charming and carefree and Christine seems to be falling for him. They continue to see each other, Susan and Paul trying to coach her for more information. Donny never really seems to flaunt his wealth and treats her well, never pushy physically.

Paul gets fed up and ends up pitching a story about Donny. A different fact checker contacts Donald’s company asking for confirmation about some of the details about their dates. Christine and Donny actually slept together for the first time the previous night and he wakes up to a paper with all the details of their relationship. It names her as a reporter for the paper. He reacts harshly and asks her to leave. She attempts to explain but he seems too hurt and says he needs to leave for work.

She is of course furious at Paul. Susan ends up firing him and wants to promote Christine. Christine ends up writing a companion piece that is a great deal more flattering about Donny. About his generosity, humility, and desire to help others. A fact checker calls Donny to follow up and asks him some simple questions that he seems annoyed that he already confirmed enough. The fact checker asks “is it true that Christine really cared about you. That she was falling for you and wishes she could see you?” He seems confused until he hears Christine’s voice on the other end of the phone answering that this is in fact true. In his first flaunting of his wealth he tells her to go to the roof where he arrives by helicopter and they kiss.

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