Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: My Only Friend

Yet another movie written on a train this week. Title comes from Tigs who knows how Game of Thrones ends. Ask him!

My Only Friend

Black screen and we hear school sounds. A bell, lockers closing, slaps of high fives, and then finally teasing. We fade in but it is not a normal school. We see all sorts of different creatures. Some are furry, some with scales, different amounts of limbs, pretty much a ‘Monsters Inc’ type world. They are all picking on a large, orange, furry creature with the face of a lion. His name is Walter and he doesn’t have any friends.

We go quickly through his day. It’s a Friday and things are going poorly. He has a typical tough picked on kid day even though he’s pretty much the biggest one. He heads out for the weekend and runs into his worst bully, a centaur looking creature named Bud, and his gang. He is chased home barely escaping the gang. He runs to his room and locks himself inside.

Later that night he hears strange noises coming from under his bed and he’s freaked out. He discovers a little human boy and they both scream and scamper away. Walter tells his parents about what he saw describing the boy’s human features as if they were weird to his parents. They laugh that Walter is imagining this monster.

Walter sets up a trap to try and catch the boy the next night and is successful. The boy is nervous and tries to talk to Walter. The boy’s name is Billy and he realizes that Walter is just as scared. They end up talking all night and Walter is happy that he feels like he made a friend.

The next day Billy appears around Walter’s house. Billy calls Walter his imaginary friend and Walter calls him his. He realizes that no one can see Billy and they go on a short adventure outside in the woods where Billy says he loves to play. Walter isn’t exactly an outdoor kid but ends up having a wonderful time.

Billy marvels at Walter’s strength moving great rocks and tree branches. Walter has never realized what he is really capable and finally has someone who finds him special. Walter gets nervous as he hears Bud approaching. He tries to get Billy to hide with him but he refuses. He tells him that he needs to stand up for himself and helps Walter scared Bud. Walter’s size and strength come in handy and Billy is an unseen force that scare Bud and his gang away.

Walter is upset that he has to go back to school tomorrow. Billy tells him that he’s excited because he starts at a new school this week. His family just moved after his mother died. He’s excited to meet new friends. Walter explains how Billy is his only friend and that he doesn’t want to lose him when he makes other friends. Billy tells him you don’t lose friends. He shows Walter pictures of his friends from his old school and tells him how they keep in touch. He tells Walter that being scared is ok but as long as you remember someone they aren’t gone.

Walter returns to school and people are talking about what happened with Bud. He’s invited to sit with some people at lunch and he starts to make friends. He impresses and helps them with his strength. They make plans for after school. He returns later at night to find Billy on his bed. The two talk about the friends they made that day laughing.

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