Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Tomorrow Didn’t Come

Making this a quick one, just got a bunch of texts from Pete with titles suggestions. I’m not even gonna spell check this one, that’s how fast it will be written. I think I wrote this exact one a few weeks ago…

Tomorrow Didn’t Come

Julia and Jim have been living together for 10 years, and have been dating for 15, but never got married. They’d spoken about it before and answer questions about it, but they just felt the time had come and past and that it wouldn’t be the big celebration that they wanted because of how long it’s been. They have their routine they follow and it’s been getting them by. Julia leaves early in the morning for her job at the hospital, and sometimes sleeps there overnight, while Jim works from home as an architect. But Jim has actually been preparing to finally ask Julia to marry him, all of their parents are ready to meet them at their house in the suburbs that night after work.

Julia had stayed the previous night at the hospital and is having a crazy day at work and she thinks she’ll have to stay late, she texts Jim once at the beginning of the day to say something like “OMG THIS IS CRAZY!” or something less stupid when someone knocks into her and the phone is broke for the rest of the day. She leaves work and gets into her car, and drives fast home where she gets into an accident. It’s horrible and is rushed to hospital. Everyone is still waiting at the their home when Jim gets the call, they all rush to the hospital to see her just before she dies. Jim is crushed, breaks down crying on the way home, etc.

Jim goes to sleep late and wakes up the next morning very depressed until he gets the only text that Julia was able to send the day before. He’s extremely angry at first and curses a bunch in response texts until he notices that his phone also says it’s the start of the day before and he starts hearing from both sets of parents about that night. After confirming that he is in fact living the previous day he starts trying to get in touch with Julia to let her know not to come home but he is never able to get through to her and can’t get in touch with the hospital for some reason either.

Jim decides to rush to the hospital to try and warn Julia where he gets into a terrible accident and is rushed to her hospital. She gets news of this and runs in to go and see him where there are doctors operating on him and stuff and watches as his heart rate monitor blip out and she breaks down crying. She calls her and his parents before returning home crying her eyes out and going to sleep.

Julia wakes up the next morning in the hospital, not fully realizing what has happened yet. She starts to check through files from last night only to realize there is nothing with that date on it, and she finally figures out she’s living that day. She texts Jim once again, the same less stupid version of the text I sent before, when once again her phone breaks. She tries to get out of work and she keeps getting pulled back in for some reason, she knows the time everything is supposed to happen so she feels like she still has time to save him (why wouldn’t she just leave right? Again… this is a quick one). Jim on the other hand is texting her furiously and not getting through to her.

We then start to go split screen like this is an early Brian De Palma movie to show them both trying to get to the other person as quickly as they can before something terrible happens. Well as we are watching the two rush along and speed through traffic, finally the scene goes from split screen to one full frame as their two cars crash into one another.

The family, who are all at Julia and Jim’s house hear the news and rush to the hospital where they are all being worked on. They both die and the family heads back to their respective houses. The next morning, back to split screen we see both sets of parents waking up distraught as they each get texts at the same time, from Jim, about the dinner at their house tonight.


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2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Tomorrow Didn’t Come

  1. peter says:

    Love the loop that I assume will one day wipe out all of humanity as it trickles further out.

  2. Dunn says:

    So Dark…

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