Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Wizard War

This ones a little late but I’ve skipped too many weeks in a row and needed to get something out.

Wizard War

This is an animated movie that would have come out in the early 80s. Think Ralph Bakshi, Frank Frazetta, basically the art style of an airbrushed wizard on a van.

There is voice over during the prologue which sets up the world. Pretty much the entire prologue is static paintings to save money. The narrator talks about how the ancients discovered magic. The ancients lived in symbiosis with magic, listening to the power as well as using it. The peace was not to last. What became known as wizards began to bend magic to serve their own purposes. They corrupted it and splintered magic’s pure essence. So too were the wizards corrupted. Power above all else became their purpose leading to much bloodshed. The war raged on for decades, ending in a precarious truce.

The world was divided into six lands ruled over by the six remaining living wizards.

There is a great white tower in the center that borders all six kingdoms used for meetings to arbitrate disputes.

To the north the Red Wizard who controls fire.

To the north east the Orange Wizard who controls animals.

To the east the Yellow Wizard who controls earth.

To the south east the Green Wizard who controls vegetation.

To the south west the Blue Wizard who controls water.

To the north west the Purple Wizard who controls machines.

But there is a prophecy that one will restore magic to its pure form.

The Title Card is shown as Led Zeppelin type music plays.

Lilith and elf like creature (think Elf Quest) is reading book under a tree as her parents and younger brother pick apples. They live on the border of the Red and Orange kingdom. Suddenly beings made of flame rush into the village below. They lay waste to the town leaving it in ashes. Lilith and her family watch in horror and start to run away followed closely behind by the fire elementals.

Animals burst forth from the forest ahead of the family. They throw themselves at the flames slowing a few down. As the family approach the edge of the forest a fire elemental catches up. We go into slow motion as the flame creature burns the mother, father and child.

Lilith’ eyes glow white and in a fit of rage she screams. The earth shakes and columns of soil burst forth and smothers the fire elementals. Water appears and extinguishes even more. The animals’ eyes glow orange and are clearly under the wizard’s control have been attacking the flames, but vines encircle them stopping them from getting hurt. The animals eyes stop glowing as the last fire elemental is extinguished.

We cut to inside the Fire Wizard’s stronghold. He is able to see through the creatures eyes as he controls them so he saw everything. He monologues about how this must be the one the prophecy foretold. He must kill her to ensure his power is preserved.

The Orange Wizard must think the same because as soon as Lilith gets a little further into the forest she is attacked by possessed animals. She uses her powers to escape.

She walks for a ways until a squirrel runs in front of her. It starts to talk. He explains that the Orange Wizard gave him intelligence so he would have someone to talk with. The squirrel (Shadow) used that intelligence to escape. He says the Orange Wizard is evil and has hurt and killed countless animals. He says he saw that she protected the possessed animals, and he can help her escape. He says he knows of a white tower that is neutral ground and if she can reach it she will be safe. He says that it won’t be long for all of the wizards to find our about her powers and they will all be trying to kill her.

Shadow leads Lilith through the forest and into the Yellow kingdom. They are attacked by giant worms formed from sand. After a long action scene they escape and end up in the Green kingdom. The tower is visible in the background and they are getting closer. There is another action scene where they get attacked by a giant Venus flytrap type creature. They again escape but Shadow loses his tail in the skirmish.

Lilith rushes into the tower as creatures from all the Kingdoms surround it. It’s tense but none of the creatures attack each other. The six wizards appear. They have a discussion about what they should do. They all agree that the prophecy should not be allowed to be fulfilled, but their truce does not allow them to use violence in or around the temple. The Red Wizard says he saw one of the Orange Wizard’s pets helping the girl and he is a traitor. Things quickly get out of hand and violence breaks out.

There is a huge battle between all six wizards. They each send their arms to attack each other. There are thousands of creatures fighting at the base of the white tower. We see Lilith watching from the top of the tower.

There is a pile of bodies (robots, animals, puddles etc). The armies have died out leaving only the Wizards to battle themselves. After another epic battle only the Red Wizard is left standing.

He rushes up to the top of the tower. He monologues about how he should thank her for giving him the opportunity to prove he had the most power. He says it’s almost a shame he has to kill her. As he attacks, shadow throws himself under the Red Wizard’s feet. He loses balance and falls off the tower.

Lilith tries to help Shadow but it’s too late. In his dying words he explains that Lilith has restored order to the world and that the prophecy has been fulfilled. He dies in her arms.

The End