Frank or Francis are Dead.

Charlie Kaufman is one of my favorite writers currently working. ‘Being John Malkovich’ remains to this day one of the most daring scripts ever pitched. I can’t imagine what it was like trying to sell that plot. His was set to direct a script of his entitled ‘Frank or Francis’, which is sadly been killed. Here’s what we are missing out on.

‘Frank or Francis’ was a musical set to star Steve Carell, Jack Black, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Kline (playing twins), Catherine Keener, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul ‘Per-wee’ Reubens. Do you already want to see it?

The backbone of the plot was to revolve around a filmmaker fighting with a blogger, played by.Carell and Black. If Charlie Kaufman is writing a musical about screenwritering and internet criticism you should want to see it.

Nicholas Cage would play a  washed up comedian hosting the Oscars. The character is famous for the film ‘Fat Dad.’ Nicholas Cage singing in a Tracey Jordan-esque role? Make this movie.

Kevin Kline would have played a director who’s Oscar-bait film ‘Hiroshima’ bombs. Along with his twin brother they create a computer to generate the perfect screenplay. The title? ‘God.’ Give me this movie!

This is a shame. Sure it would make fun of Hollywood from beginning to end but would it make them look any worse than another film like ‘That’s My Boy?’

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