GI Joe: Retaliation and Why I’m A Fanning Tatum

So since the worst news ever dropped last week that G.I. Joe 2 was being shifted out of it’s prime summer tentpole spot of June 29th, 2012, to the murky waters of March to be retooled for 3D, the only thing I’ve been able to think was, BULLSHIT.  There was absolutely no way it was going to take 9 months to reshoot a film for 3D.  Two years ago when Clash of the Titans (garbage movie) came out, it only took them 6 weeks to convert it for 3D.  There was absolutely no way that Paramount would move a film almost a full year just to add in 3D.  Hell, if they did 8 weeks of reshoots starting last week, they would still be able to get it out this summer and capitalize on August money, which is a notoriously slower box office month.  The only competition I can even think of is The Bourne Legacy and that is an unproven sequel-boot, much like this G.I. Joe film.

Well pretty much broke the news today that everyone suspected.  The G.I. Joe 2 test screenings were doing well with the exception of one major issue: they KILL Duke (Channing Tatum) in the first 15 mins.  This was kind of obvious from looking at the trailers.  They spend no time whatsoever even showing Duke, and they pretty much only highlight The Rock.  I don’t have an issue with that really, but the Box Office certainly would.  Between The Vow and the hilarious 21 Jump Street, Tatum has proven he is a legitimate draw at the box office, so killing him 15 mins in, will subvert any of the good will the movie was already starting to build up.  The fact that he’s not even in the movie enough to use in the ad campaign is telling.  He wasn’t even on the most recent posters, which have pretty much every character on them. So Paramount, caved and have decided not only to convert the movie, but keep Channing Tatum’s character alive long enough so that he can establish a relationship with The Rock.  I hope this all works out cause I think they finally nailed the proper tone for one of these films and I would hate for massive reshoots to turn what looks like a fun movie into a shitburger.

We’ll have to wait and see.


p.s. I like Channing Tatum and I have no arguable reason to back up that statement other than I like Step Up, Step Up 2 The Streets, and 21 Jump Street. One of those three films is good.

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4 thoughts on “GI Joe: Retaliation and Why I’m A Fanning Tatum

  1. Dunn says:

    I’m pissed because it means we can’t do a double feature of GI Joe 2 and Magic Mike, which would have once and for all proven that cinema is objectively the best art form.

  2. peter says:

    This is the 80s all over again its not even funny. The Transfomers and the GI Joe animated films were being produced at roughly the and time. Both films planned to shock everyone and kill off the main characters (Optimus Prime and Duke).

    Transformers was released first and the reactions to the death were negative. They delayed GI Joe to change the plot and have Duke pull through at the end.

    I’ve always hated Optimus’ death and think about how thinks would be different if GI Joe came out first

  3. peter says:

    Also golf clap for the title

  4. johnnytigs says:

    Remember when they killed Emilio Estevez 5 minutes into Mission Impossible? That was so devastatingly awesome.
    Golf clap for the title as well

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