How To Do A Trailer Wrong: High School (Red Band)

This is a bad trailer.

Practically the entire first act of the film is included here. Your stoner comedy shouldn’t have a plot that needs this much set up in the trailer.
The Michael Chiklis dressed/talking weird jokes fall flat, which only softens the Adrien Brody is also dressed/talking weird jokes. A movie with a unknown lead such as this one needs to use these familiar faces as enticement. Even if their roles are small the peeks need to make you say “Oh wow, thats (blank).” Both their character’s scenes are forgettable. Even if you found ‘The Hangover’ to be terrible (we did), I’m sure you remember the Tyson reveal in the trailer.

Also this trailer includes unexplained nudity. At least give a joke to go with it. Even if it’s a punchline from another scene, it would have a made it a less awkward moment. Also, when was the last time a crazy skateboard trick was ever used in trailer to make a movie seem hip? The answer is most definitely prior to 2004.

In the spirit of Movie Movie, this movie seems like someone saw ‘Orange County’ and ‘Pineapple Express’ then an equal sign hovered over their head.

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