I’ll Get You Noah!

Darren Aronofsky has been trying to get his ‘Noah’ movie made for quite some time now. The casting has gone back and forth and finally settled on its boat building hero in the form of Russell Crowe. Now we have word that Ray Winstone (‘The Departed’, go watch ‘Sexy Beast’) is in final negotiations to play the villain in the film.

The story of Noah has a villain?

I was wary about this film from the beginning. I love Aronofsky. I even really enjoyed ‘The Fountain.’ A biblical movie just doesn’t seem to fit with him. His films so far have centered around a crazy mathematician, drug addicts, an aging wrestler, and insane ballerinas. Where does man who god tells to build a giant boat filled with two of every animal fit?

This can’t be a Noah inspired story. Everything they have said leans towards this being a straight biblical Noah film. So where does a villain come in? Assuming he will be the face of mankinds corruption how will they force him into Noah’s world? I’d rather he try to build a competing ark filled with evil animals but that’s just me.

They need to be careful to not offend religious types of course. ‘Passion of the Christ’ was 2 hours of Latin and torture and made an insane amount of money, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Ray Winstone plays the rain.

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