It’s Like A George Clooney Movie

A man fights against something much bigger than himself. A government or a corporation comes against him, but his intentions are not exactly clear.

This is the plot to a lot of George Clooney films lately. It’s no different from ‘The Yankee Comandante’ a story he has signed on to direct.

Based on a recent New Yorker article about an American who worked with the Cuban rebels and Fidel Castro. He may or may not be working for the CIA.

The word shadowy is thrown around a lot to describe Clooney characters. He’s a politically charged thriller/mystery kind of guy. He does it well of course and I will see this film. He is Wes Anderson for the mature voter.

I hope this is the last time I mention the New Yorker on this site

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2 thoughts on “It’s Like A George Clooney Movie

  1. johnnytigs says:

    You totally should have linked to the new yorker article, we’d probably get some hits and trackbacks from that. Otherwise, I agree… please don’t mention the New Yorker again…

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