Wait, Were We Suppose To Be Taking The Robocop Remake Seriously?

I don’t get it. I thought the Robocop remake was a huge pile of disappointment? A film that would be talked about forever, look like crap, get delayed, reshot, post 3D, conversion, and come out in January as a complete bust

But wait! Samuel L. Jackson cometh.

The title character is set to be played by Joel Kinnamen. Exactly. Who cares about this film. Kinnamen plays the young wirey cop in AMC’s ‘The Killing.’

Then Gary Oldman was cast as the scientist who added the robo to his cop. A bit more intersting at this point since Oldman has a good track record if you ignore ‘Red Riding Hood.’

Then comes Mr. Jackson. He’s set to play some sort of media mogul. This may just be a cameo in the vein of the “I’d buy that for a dollar guy.” This may be a fun role that weaves throughout the film.

Jackson’s name adds excitement to this film for me, but he sometimes does not deliver on buzz like when some reptiles invaded a commercial flight he was on once. Other times he can make a stupid movie a bit more fun like in ‘Jumper.’

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One thought on “Wait, Were We Suppose To Be Taking The Robocop Remake Seriously?

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Even with the addition of S. Jackson I’m not thrilled, excited, etc for this. It appears as nothing more than a grab at the more socially awkward types who bitch on the internet all day. That being said, if they have Sammy J. say “I’ll buy that for a dollar” I’m giving this movie 12 Stars.

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