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I guess the answer is yes.

Last week after Peter posted about the Robocop remake and the fact that Samuel L. Jackson signed on as a media mogul and Gary Oldman, as the man who puts the Robo in Joel Kinnaman’s Cop, it looks like they’ve gone ahead and cast the villain.  Hugh Laurie.  Doctor House.  I think this is a good piece of casting.  He’s been good in mostly everything he’s been in, including his Dr. Sherlock show, so I think he’s got the chops to pull this off.  Also, now that House is over, he can finally start acting in films as more than just a secondary or tertiary character.  Within the next two years I can almost bet that Hugh Laurie and Bryan Cranston will be snapping up every 50 year old man role in Hollywood after crushing it on tv for the better part of the last decade and I can’t think of two actors more deserving of some great roles.

While I still find this film utterly unnecessary, they’ve gotten my 14 bucks now.


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Wait, Were We Suppose To Be Taking The Robocop Remake Seriously?

I don’t get it. I thought the Robocop remake was a huge pile of disappointment? A film that would be talked about forever, look like crap, get delayed, reshot, post 3D, conversion, and come out in January as a complete bust

But wait! Samuel L. Jackson cometh.

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