Just Tell Me The Ending And We’ll Be Done Here

‘The Secret’ is the film’s terrible French title. ‘The Tall Man’ is it’s equally horrible American title.

This is the type of movie I think I understand the least.

The trailer doesn’t make me want to see the movie, it just makes me want to have someone quickly explain the ending to me. The plot is nothing new but one would assume there is some sort of twist to the film. This can’t just be a someone kidnapping hundreds of children for no reason. That would be the biggest news story EVER! Even after the 4th child this would be national news, so there has to be some sort of cover up.

I don’t understand people who see this trailer and then want to spend $13 and an hour and a half of their day to just have the plot explained to them in the last 15 minutes. So when this comes out, if I even remember it exists I will be googling spoilers.

What did life to do Jessica Biel by the way? Does no one like her anymore?

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