Kid Gloves

The poster for this film was originally released in April, but the continuing press and the premiere of the trailer were put on hold. The name of the film was changed from ‘The Neighborhood Watch.’ Can you figure out why? Think about it- a group of men hunting aliens around the neighborhood shooting cows with laser beams.

It’s like Trayvon Martin. No seriously, this is what Hollywood thinks.

Upon first learning about the film I originally thought it was along the lines of ‘Observe and Report’, the main characters would take their jobs entirely too seriously and probably screw things up around the neighborhood. When they announced they were halting press for the film because of the young man’s death I thought this was a fantastic idea.

Then I saw the trailer, and my intelligence was insulted. I bet yours was too.

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One thought on “Kid Gloves

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I originally thought The Watch was going to be a re-imagining of the old Twilight Zone episode A Kind of Stopwatch. This is less exciting.

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