Fast Five 2: Furious Casting Rumors

We at  Movie Movie, love nothing more than some good old fashioned casting rumors and what better film to excite us at its possibilities than Fast Six, Fast and Furious 2, The Fast and Furious 3, or whatever the hell it’s going to be called.

What We Know:

Everyone (who matters) from Fast Five is supposedly going to be back and that is awesome.  The Rock will continue his hotstreak of only appearing in sequels but not original films and I am ok with that.  Everyone else just needs to show up and let The Rock do what he does.  It comes out May 24th, 2013 and we can’t stop release dates. But yes, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, and Tyrese all appear to be back onboard.

Who Has Been Added:

As of know the only CONFIRMED addition to Fast Six is Gina Carano.  I didn’t see Haywire, the Steven Soderbergh film, but I heard she was decent in it, and I know she can already fight from her MMA days and her stint on the short-lived American Gladiators reboot.  I think she fits the world well as long as she’s like a number two to The Rock’s Luke Hobbs character.  She’d fit something like that well.

Who Has Been Rumored:

Jason Statham.   I don’t think I am stepping on any toes when I say that is inspired casting, as long as he was the villain.  The shift from the US helped Fast Five so well, that I think moving to Europe for subsequent films will also be a welcome change.  Statham would have been a great villain even though that is against type for him.  The only problem I have with the Fast and Furious’ is that they have such one-note villains.  If the franchise is going to become less racing and more legit other stuff, a villain with weight is needed. Statham would have been that if he didnt already say no.

Rihanna.  If there is one thing these movies always nail, it’s having ridiculously attractive women in them.  RiRi is one of the most popular/beautiful women on the planet, so getting her in any capacity in this film already ensures that it has my 14 bucks.

Luke Evans.  Don’t really care about this one.  He was terrible in The Raven, but so was everything else, and I haven’t seen The Immortals yet, so I can’t fully say that this is a good or a bad thing.  I do know that Peter Jackson cast him as Bard The Bowman in The Hobbit, and that movie is probably going to be incredible, so maybe in the right situation he’ll be great.  However, much like everyone being rumored, I’d rather him be a villain.  There are far too many cool good guys, that we need some bad guys to level the playing field.

Sofia Vergara. Everything I said about Rihanna times a glorious 2.

David Tennant. Now this is the rumored casting that just about sets all of us dudes at MMPC over the edge of glory.  David Tennant is the best of the new Doctor Who’s and a man who could probably make reading the phone book whimsical and awesome.  He has a serious range as an actor, he does everything well, and he adds a serious bit of class, and nerd love to the franchise.  The one thing the Fast movies have done really well is making sure that there is something for everyone.  For all the nerds who shamefully watch these movies and like them, but feel like they have to say Attack the Block was better than Fast Five, David Tennant is the piece of nerd-culture that would shift this franchise into a demographically inclusive behemoth ensuring that everyone can identify with it in some way.  Again, I think I’d like to see him as a villain, cause there’s too many awesome good guys and DT would probably knock that role out of the park.

So there you have it.  Everyone is going to maybe be in Fast Six and I can’t wait.


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2 thoughts on “Fast Five 2: Furious Casting Rumors

  1. peter says:

    Ignoring the Tennant is best Doctor comment as to not start a fight, I think he’d be a fantastic addition. I imagine he’d be a nerdy european tech guy who helps them out. Perhaps a euro cop that Rock has to deal with?

    I heard Statham said no. Bummer

  2. johnnytigs says:

    I hope they title the film “2 Fast 2 Furious 2”. Or “Faster and Furiouser”.

    I wasn’t a huge Gina Carano wasn’t overly great in Haywire, but she can definitely fight which is why I assume she is cast.

    And yes, Tennant was the best of the new Doctors. Any one who believes otherwise is one of those jerks who goes to a bar for a few hours only to leave early, before his “friend” plays guitar and sings.

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