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Parker is Parker For the First time

Donald Westlake wrote many novels about the character Parker under the psyedonym Richard Stark. Now that I’ve gotten that bit of useless info out of the way, let’s talk about the movie.
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Statham Vs Franco!

Sylvester Stallone has an Academy Award for writing. I just wanted to say that before continuing. His new screenplay ‘Homefront’ is set to star Jason Statham as an ex-DEA agent who is trying to leave a violent past behind him. This set up should be called “The Statham.”
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Fake Movie Friday – Roughrunna

It’s been a while since Guy Ritchie made a straight up dark comedy with his style of action, so I’m going to make one.

Roughrunna stars Jason Statham as Liverpool Football Club star Lynn “Roughrunna” Bailey.  He’s one of the stars of the English Premiere League.  He’s the badboy.  There are a lot of early quick cuts of him kicking balls into goals, cheering, drinking, snorting coke in bathrooms and having sex with prostitutes.  Lynn appears to have it all.  He even makes money on his own matches by placing bets with local bookie Wallace “Pounds” Craven.  They call him “Pounds” because if you lose a bet and don’t pay him, he’ll get his pound of flesh (cut your bollocks off).  Pounds is played by Tom Wilkinson, and his muscle Opie is played by Vinnie Jones.  Anyway, we get the hint through a lot of incomprehensible cockney accents that Lynn is having money trouble.  His girlfriend Mary, played by Ruth Wilson, wants him to stop gambling and instead use whatever little money he has left to open up a Fish and Chips Shop.  We see that Lynn’s other talent outside of soccer is cooking.  He idolizes Gordon Ramsay, who later on has a cameo in the film.  Anyway, Mary tells him that if he doesn’t quit betting she’ll leave him.

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Fast Five 2: Furious Casting Rumors

We at  Movie Movie, love nothing more than some good old fashioned casting rumors and what better film to excite us at its possibilities than Fast Six, Fast and Furious 2, The Fast and Furious 3, or whatever the hell it’s going to be called.

What We Know:

Everyone (who matters) from Fast Five is supposedly going to be back and that is awesome.  The Rock will continue his hotstreak of only appearing in sequels but not original films and I am ok with that.  Everyone else just needs to show up and let The Rock do what he does.  It comes out May 24th, 2013 and we can’t stop release dates. But yes, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, and Tyrese all appear to be back onboard.

Who Has Been Added:

As of know the only CONFIRMED addition to Fast Six is Gina Carano.  I didn’t see Haywire, the Steven Soderbergh film, but I heard she was decent in it, and I know she can already fight from her MMA days and her stint on the short-lived American Gladiators reboot.  I think she fits the world well as long as she’s like a number two to The Rock’s Luke Hobbs character.  She’d fit something like that well.

Who Has Been Rumored:

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I don’t have anything witty or important to say here.  Terry Crews whet my appetite for seeing this already.  It looks great:


Trailer courtesy of IGN.com

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Statham’s Back!

This is an exclamation the voice-over makes during a recent TV-spot for the upcoming action film ‘Safe.’ Statham only made a face for himself with the Guy Ritchie films, but he really made a name for himself with the Transporter franchise. ‘Transporter 3‘ was released in 2008, so this makes Jason’s return to action!

But wait…

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