Statham’s Back!

This is an exclamation the voice-over makes during a recent TV-spot for the upcoming action film ‘Safe.’ Statham only made a face for himself with the Guy Ritchie films, but he really made a name for himself with the Transporter franchise. ‘Transporter 3‘ was released in 2008, so this makes Jason’s return to action!

But wait…

A few of his recent films are as follows:

Killer Elite (2011)

Mechanic (2011)

Expendables (2010)

Where do they think Statham went? He’s also billed highly in this year’s sequel to ‘Expendables’ (I say this year’s because there will be at least 5 of them). Does the marketing team really believe that the public thinks the only film Statham has done since ‘Transporter 3’ has been voice-over work in ‘Gnomeo & Juliet?’

Speaking of Statham, he has a film coming up this year entitled ‘Hummingbird.’ The perfectly crappy sounding premise from is:

“A thriller centered on a war veteran who has reinvented himself as an upper class Londoner has to embrace his violent past when his girlfriend is murdered”

What’s even better is the ‘Top Billed Cast Section’ makes this an even more perfect action thriller.

An unnamed hero, a stereotypically named foreign enemy, a first name only love interest, and then it jumps right into Chinese Assassin. The over/under on number of times Statham yells “They killed Tracey!” is 14. Wise bet is the over.


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