Statham Vs Franco!

Sylvester Stallone has an Academy Award for writing. I just wanted to say that before continuing. His new screenplay ‘Homefront’ is set to star Jason Statham as an ex-DEA agent who is trying to leave a violent past behind him. This set up should be called “The Statham.”

Here’s where things get weird. The place he chooses for his quiet retirement is currently controlled by a meth gang lord played by James Franco. You’d think this is something the Broker would have to tell you when buying the house. OH! Statham’s name in the movie is BROKER! To add hilarity, Franco’s name is Gator!

Granted Mike on ‘Breaking Bad’ is pretty scary but I’m sure Statham could take on anyone who is on meth. If this movie includes a Statham vs Franco fight I will laugh for years. If a rock fell on Statham and pinned him, the rock would cut it’s arm off in the interest of survival. If Franco was the Transporter there would have been only one 15-minute film ending in a horrific car crash.

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