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Truly A Good Day

Was not expecting this today. Just a day after we see the first official picture we get a quick cut teaser here with Bruce Willis phoning in a line at the end.


I’m incredibly in. I really get the feeling that we will be seeing a younger Gruber descendent as the villain here. Probably a son of one of them. OR BOTH?!? Some weird Billy Crystal/Robin Williams ‘Father’s Day’ thing going on.

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A Good Day To Share A Picture

We have our first OFFICIAL look at the McClane and son from the upcoming ‘A Good Day to Die Hard.’ Yes that is the actual title. Jai Courtney, yes that is his actual name, takes up the role as John Jr. If he is even half as cool as his sister Lucy McClane, this should be fun. He is so far described as a bit more straight laced and strategy focused than his father which should make for some interesting chemistry. John McClane has never made a plan other than

1. Arrive
2. Have shit go down
3. Yipee Ki-yay Mother-fucker.

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I don’t have anything witty or important to say here.  Terry Crews whet my appetite for seeing this already.  It looks great:


Trailer courtesy of IGN.com

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