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Seems Like A Fake Movie Friday, But It’s Not

I just watched the trailer for the newest Liam Hemsworth romantic drama, and everything about this screams, b.s., but it’s a legitimately real movie.  This seems like someone read a Nicholas Sparks book and thought they could do better.

It might be the worst movie of the year.

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Fake Movie Friday- William Taft: Demon Slayer

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ comes out in two weeks. I think Seth Grahame-Smith is bullshit. Let’s see how easy it is to write one of these stink burgers. I’m doing no research on this, other than looking up the circumstances of his death, birth year, and wife and children info.

William Taft: Demon Slayer

We open on a woman running through the woods. Its 1857, and she’s being pursued by men with torches. She looks terrified and upon making it to the river we see she is carrying a child. She lays him down in a basket.

“No one will hurt you. My beautiful Tafty.”

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I don’t have anything witty or important to say here.  Terry Crews whet my appetite for seeing this already.  It looks great:


Trailer courtesy of IGN.com

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