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Seems Like A Fake Movie Friday, But It’s Not

I just watched the trailer for the newest Liam Hemsworth romantic drama, and everything about this screams, b.s., but it’s a legitimately real movie.  This seems like someone read a Nicholas Sparks book and thought they could do better.

It might be the worst movie of the year.

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Fake Movie Friday – The Lucky Picture

Nicholas Sparks is known far and wide for basically taking the same book and re-working it so he can squeeze another Channing Tatum vehicle out of it.  Knowing this, my good friends Michelle Tully and Tom Censani, came up with a play on The Lucky One called The Lucky Picture.  I have taken several liberties with their plot as it was originally only 4 drunken sentences I wrote on my iPhone in the bar.

The film stars Chris Pine as a down on his luck surgeon named Max.  Patient after patient has died on his watch and he is having what surgeons call “bad luck”.  He considers at one point giving up his profession, his life, and moving back from the big city to the midwest to open up a small-town practice. One night while out with his friends and few too many drinks, he takes a cab home and in the backseat there is a random polaroid headshot of a woman.  The photo is of Isla Fisher. He speaks to the photo and says something lame like “I bet she’s having better luck than me…wherever she is…”

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