Night of the Living Dead

If you know me then you know that I have an obsession with zombies. I’m going to start sharing some zombie movie trailers and there is no better place to begin than with Night of the Living Dead. George Romero created the modern concept of the zombie. Granted, the Haitian Zombie predates Night of the Living Dead and was first mentioned in 1929 with William Seabrook’s The Magic Island (I own a copy), but the concept of reanimated corpses eating the flesh of the living is all Romero. Night of the Living Dead is quite simply a masterpiece, and this trailer is a lot of fun.

Updated 9-12-12:
Oh man, how did I forget that Night of the Living Dead is actually in the public domain, so of course the entire movie would be on youtube:

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The Paperboy & Zac Efron’s Legitmacy

The Paperboy trailer premiered this week and it looks very interesting.  It’s Lee Daniels latest film.  You might remember him from the Depress-O-Fest that was Precious based on the novel Push, by Sapphire.  It was raw, pulpy, depressing, but excellent.  With a cast of Matthew McConaughey, who is having a resurgent year, Nicole Kidman, David Oyelewo, and John Cusack, it looks like it could be very good.  Zac Efron appears to be at the center of the film and I think this is a good role for him to take.  He’s never been a necessarily good actor, but I think a good way to start is by surrounding yourself with better talent in front of and behind the camera.

Check it:

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Keanu Reeves & The Return of Realism?

Keanu Reeves has a really interesting film history.  He’s been in so many films, a lot of which did very well, but you would never consider him the strength of anything he’s done.  That’s fine, because he’s entirely likable, so I for whatever reason, root for him.  Also he was at the same restaurant as me at a friends birthday party and totally sang along to the happy birthday song for her, so that was cool.  Anyway, he’s starting to work on his directorial debut title The Man of Tai Chi.  It sounds like it will probably be an ass-kicking film, which I think he can do fine.  What I have seen however is that he is working on revolutionizing close quarters combat with a roving a camera.  Basically it looks like a giant camera rig that will be able to capture camera angles often left to CGI.  This is cool because it will be able to capture continuous shots from multiple angles without CGI or multiple cameras.

He’s got a small demo of it on youtube and it looks awesome.  I like that he’s taking steps for us to move back to practical effects in films.  We can all agree the practical effects do a much better job of immersing a viewer in the films world, than tons of CGI.  Hope it works for you Keanu!

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The Art of the Teaser

So many marketing companies, distributors, or directors themselves have no idea how to put an effective teaser together.  A teaser that is inherently a short trailer, is not a teaser.  A teaser with footage and/or dialogue from a previous film is NOT a teaser.  A teaser with dialogue from the film, but no footage whatsoever and instead a stupid revealing of the logo for the movie or something like that is NOT a teaser.  A well crafted teaser in my opinion offers you some dialogue and some footage from the film, but not necessarily of any correlation.  An effective teaser should make you want to learn as much about that film as possible, but not give you anything concrete.

An effective trailer in my opinion is for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, The Master.  All I know is the movie has Philip Seymour Hoffman in it and Joaquin Phoenix, and has something to do with religion.  This trailer doesn’t give anything major away, but between the music and dialogue, I am very pumped for this film.

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Guess Who: The Game, The Movie

Us guys at Movie Movie absolutely love movies, but fear the direction with which they are headed.  For some reason, the only movies that get greenlit anymore have to be based on something pre-existing to the point that we are getting Battleship next week.  This sketch, written and directed by our friends Mary Iampietro and Zach Broussard is not only hilarious, but a terrifying glimpse into what our future is going to be, if we don’t take control of our entertainment NOW!


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I don’t have anything witty or important to say here.  Terry Crews whet my appetite for seeing this already.  It looks great:


Trailer courtesy of

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Terry Crews, Expendables 2, & How I was TERRIFIED into seeing it.

Everyone who works in marketing is an idiot.  Lets just be clear.  Unless of course you work for Old Spice or Lionsgate.  The GENIUSES (and I’m not being facetious) behind the Expendables 2 campaign, just ensured that they will get my hard-earned $14 with this trailer for the trailer starring Terry Crews.  This man could sell anything and I would buy it.  Excuse me while I go slap on some Old Spice High Endurance at 10:00pm.

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