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Pig Pile 33: Special Live Show w/ Podcast!

You guys,

Our monthly Pig Pile variety show is back tomorrow at 9:30pm at The Creek and the Cave.  We have some great standup’s and one of our favorite improv troupes performing.  This is going to be a great show right there.  It’s going to be an even better show because at the end we (Priest and the Beekeeper) are going to stick around and do Movie Movie Podcast right in front of you!

We’re going to record our cast as we usually do, and talk about The Bourne Legacy, but we are also going to get the audience involved and get your opinions about the newest Bourne film, the old Bourne films, or whatever tangents we go off on.  I think it’s going to be fun any way you slice it!  All you have to do is show up and be prepared to participate (and also see The Bourne Legacy between now and tomorrow evening)!

The Olympics are over.  Get out of your house and live your life!

Show is free, the food is awesome, and the drinks are cheap as usual.

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Guess Who: The Game, The Movie

Us guys at Movie Movie absolutely love movies, but fear the direction with which they are headed.  For some reason, the only movies that get greenlit anymore have to be based on something pre-existing to the point that we are getting Battleship next week.  This sketch, written and directed by our friends Mary Iampietro and Zach Broussard is not only hilarious, but a terrifying glimpse into what our future is going to be, if we don’t take control of our entertainment NOW!


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