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All of Rihanna’s dialogue from Battleship

Movie Movie Supplement! And not that stuff you would find in a weird smelling new age store (no offense to our weird smelling new age store owning readers, but seriously it’s weird; to our normal smelling new age store owners, keep up the good work!). I found this list on http://gammasquad.uproxx.com, so all credit goes to them for this. Well them and Rihanna. 68 lines in total, the same number of lines Orson Wells speaks in The Third Man (that’s a lie):

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Movie Movie Podcast #5: Dicship

battleship poster

dictator poster












B5…It’s a hit! You sunk my podcast! That’s right, it’s a new week and we’ve been hard at work, hitting the theaters, seeing the movies you don’t want to so you don’t have to. Join Peter, Russ, Alex and myself as we discuss in great detail the plots (snicker) of Battleship and The Dictator, talk about Russ’ brothers graduation (congrats Mike!), and bask in the lush, plush studios of The Goo in NYC (http://www.thegoo.com/) for our most professional podcast ever thanks to our good friend, #1 fan (maybe?), sound engineer and editor Matt Giordano! Thanks a million Matt! Recorded on May 21st 2012 and featuring The Raiders March composed by John Williams.

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Guess Who: The Game, The Movie

Us guys at Movie Movie absolutely love movies, but fear the direction with which they are headed.  For some reason, the only movies that get greenlit anymore have to be based on something pre-existing to the point that we are getting Battleship next week.  This sketch, written and directed by our friends Mary Iampietro and Zach Broussard is not only hilarious, but a terrifying glimpse into what our future is going to be, if we don’t take control of our entertainment NOW!


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