Parker is Parker For the First time

Donald Westlake wrote many novels about the character Parker under the psyedonym Richard Stark. Now that I’ve gotten that bit of useless info out of the way, let’s talk about the movie.

Many films have been based upon the Parker character novels, none of which were ever allowed to use the name Parker though. The most recent being 1996’s Mel Gibson starring film ‘Paycheck.’ Not sure why the name is being used now for Jason Statham (who looks like he wants to eat the camera’s face at the beginning of his intro).

This is based on the novel “FlashFire” and it’s nice seeing Chiklis doing something, but horrible seeing Jennifer Lopez pretend she is not irrelevant.

I highly suggest checking out Darwyn Cooke’s comic adaptations of the novels “Parker: The Hunter”, “Parker: The Score”, “Parker: The Outfit”


Or just borrow them from me.

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