Marvel Studios is Brilliant

We’ve been talking a whole lot about Black Panther recently, but it seems Marvel has pulled a bit of a switcher-oo on us. The BP may still be happening but coming in 2014 is a film adaptation of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ This is an absolutely brilliant move. Why?

Because you can’t name a single member of the team.

Marvel did the seemingly impossible by joining five hit films into one of the biggest movies of all time. They spent years building towards Avengers. Audiences shelled out for he origin stories and then brought a dump truck of money to the Marvel Studios offices for the big pay off picture. This will work again for the core sequels and the next Avenger’s film but they need something different.

That is where GOTG comes in perfectly. No one knows them. You don’t have to spend hours of character development. We can grow with these characters as the film unfolds. The general public doesn’t know them and doesn’t have their own ideas about the origin. We don’t need to see how Rocket Raccoon became so damn bad-ass. We can just watch him be that.

With this team, you also don’t have to mention the Avengers. They don’t have to deal with the complicated timeline they’ve set up. This team doesn’t have to fit in with Tony Starks world, because they are in space! They are removed. Sure the film will probably give us more about Thanos and lead into Avengers 2, but it doesn’t need to be too much.

I’m pumped for this.

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