New Comic Wednesday

It’s no secret that studios are looking for their own ‘Hunger Games.’ A film about a dystopian future with dangerous activities for teens is in demand. Especially if these activities are of the reality show vain.

This is where ‘America’s Got Powers’ comes in perfectly. Also it’s got superheroes. DONE.

Like in J Michael Straczynski’s ‘Rising Stars’, a cosmic event gives a selection of children random super powers. Instead of leading them down a path of either good or evil they compete on a TV competition show entitled ‘America’s Got Powers’ to see who was given the best.

The series starts at the beginning of the newest competition cycle after a year that was extremely violent. The producers like the bump in ratings and decide to up the danger of the show. It centers on the brother of a former competitor, who thought powerless, has a hidden potential.

Perfect, right? A kid who discovers something about himself, social commentary of reality TV, super powers, throw a love interest in the mix and teens are buying tickets.

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2 thoughts on “New Comic Wednesday

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I just picked up issue #2 yesterday, it’s been quite the enjoyable read so far. And I love that you made reference to Rising Stars, my thoughts exactly.

    • peter says:

      I love it so far. Considering Hitch draws it “wide screen style” it already feels like a movie.

      Also one character is clearly modeled off of David Tennant

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