Stop Telling Me About Iron Man 3

Listen. I saw ‘Avengers.’ I loved it. I am angry I haven’t seen it again. If you think about it the plot was a bit crap. Loki allies with aliens to control Earth, getting him what exactly? Dr. Selvig is brainwashed but programs in a failsafe option to the device.

Fart Noises.

So Marvel, please stop dancing around with the news about ‘Iron Man 3.’

Tony Stark killed it in ‘Avengers.’ He was funnier than ever. His action scenes, even the fights he had away from the rest of the team, were more exciting than either of the previous films efforts.

This is what we want. We need a funny, ass kicking Tony Stark. I don’t care who he fights. It could indeed be the Mandarin or any other villain from the comic. If you want, fuck the comic. If you want, have Tony Stark fight an army of mutant trolls. I don’t care as long as it looks cool and when he talks it interesting.

I read more comics than anyone who reads this site. Realize what it means for me to say I don’t care whom he tussles with. If it looks cool and he is fun out of the suit, I’m in.

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One thought on “Stop Telling Me About Iron Man 3

  1. johnnytigs says:

    EXCLUSIVE IRON MAN 3 NEWS! Iron Man Vs the Troll People of Guadalajara! Way to break the story Pete!

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