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Stop Telling Me About Iron Man 3

Listen. I saw ‘Avengers.’ I loved it. I am angry I haven’t seen it again. If you think about it the plot was a bit crap. Loki allies with aliens to control Earth, getting him what exactly? Dr. Selvig is brainwashed but programs in a failsafe option to the device.

Fart Noises.

So Marvel, please stop dancing around with the news about ‘Iron Man 3.’

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Like, Love, Hate- Iron Man 2

Like- Black Widow

When it was first released that Scarlett Johansson was playing Black Widow in this film I was nothing but worried that the incredibly complex and history rich character of Natasha Romanov would be reduced to cleavage. I was very happy to see that they gave her some great scenes. They showcased her spying as well as her fighting skills. Yes, there was cleavage. Yes, I enjoyed it.  What made me really appreciate her character was that it was still and Iron Man movie that Black Widow was a small part of. We didn’t have to spend forever getting to know her. I do hope there is more to her in Avenger’s.

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Avengers Countdown!

‘Avengers’ is out this week! We will all be there at midnight. We could not be more excited. This has been building for years. Nothing like this has ever been attempted. The closest we have ever come to this on the big screen is ‘Alien vs. Predator.’ Now let’s all get that comparison out of our heads.

This week we’ll be going through the films that have gotten us here. Let’s play Like, Love, Hate!

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