Like, Love, Hate- Iron Man 2

Like- Black Widow

When it was first released that Scarlett Johansson was playing Black Widow in this film I was nothing but worried that the incredibly complex and history rich character of Natasha Romanov would be reduced to cleavage. I was very happy to see that they gave her some great scenes. They showcased her spying as well as her fighting skills. Yes, there was cleavage. Yes, I enjoyed it.  What made me really appreciate her character was that it was still and Iron Man movie that Black Widow was a small part of. We didn’t have to spend forever getting to know her. I do hope there is more to her in Avenger’s.

Love- Original Opening

This is so great. It shows a more fun and important to the character, drunk Tony Stark. Think this original cut would have made his over done second act decline a bit stronger.  Sorry for picking a deleted scene for this selection but there wasn’t much I loved about this movie.

Hate- Nick Fury

Don’t tell Samuel L. Jackson I said that. It hurts because Samuel L. Jackson is perfect casting. The Ultimate Universe Nick Fury was modeled after him. But he isn’t Zordon from Power Rangers. HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO SOMETHING. All Fury did in this movie was play buzz-kill to Tony Stark. I know it’s not a Nick Fury movie, but Black Widow did stuff! Fury needed to walk on screen and say the word Avengers in Iron Man and I drooled, but he can’t stand around for another movie. If he does nothing in Avengers, I will be extremely disappointed.

Come back tomorrow for Thor and The Incredible Hulk!




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3 thoughts on “Like, Love, Hate- Iron Man 2

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Oh man I had never seen that alternate opening before! That was great, perfect banter, good drunk performance, funny quote to end it, such a better opening.

  2. peter says:

    It seems like such a waste to cut it. Its the most TONY STARK moment of both films.

  3. russ says:

    I’m being a bitch, but I was a little annoyed with the fight choreography for Black Widow. Almost everytime she beat up a dude she like hurricanrana’ed (spell check?) them and then would flip over and get up in a modified “Tebow” stance. She did it like 5-8 times, and it was reallllly annoying. Also Sam Rockwell was awesome in it I thought.

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