Like, Love, Hate- The Incredible Hulk

Like- The Fast Opening

This movie does us a great service in not charging us for another origin. Whether you saw Ang Lee’s Hulk (you shouldn’t have), whether you hated it (you should have), or whether you loved it (you shouldn’t have) we can all agree that we understand the story of Hulk in some form, and this movie respects that. Amazing Spider-man should learn a lesson from this. Since EVERYONE saw Spider-man, and even if you didn’t you know Spider-man.


Every fight in this movie was entertaining. The final fight especially found ways to make it not just a fistfight between giant monsters, but a fight between giant extremely powerful monsters. If they just punched each other back and forth, rolled around, and then someone got choked out it would have been horrible.  The Hulk taking apart a cop car to use as boxing gloves was exactly the type of stuff we needed from this movie. I also loved the non-Abomination Blonsky vs Hulk, but I’ll talk more about that when I get to Captain America.

Hate- Circumstance

I’m slowly realizing that this is one of my favorites of the bunch. It’s plain old fun. It suffered because of outside reasons. Mainly since Sam Elliot played General Ross in the first film and they wanted to distance themselves from it, he wasn’t brought back even though he was PERFECT! William Hurt played the character as best he could but Sam Elliot is Thunderbolt Ross. He’s the concerned loving father, the dutiful soldier, and the hotheaded warrior. I can picture Elliot’s Ross walking straight up to the Hulk and spitting in his face. Also his mustache could kick all our asses.

Stay tuned later today for THOR!

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