Like, Love, Hate- Thor

Just to be clear I loved the casting and performance of Idris Elba. If you have a problem with it, you need to go fuck yourself. Moving on.

Like- The Balance

I thought this movie was going to be awful when seeing the trailers. The humor seemed flat, Asgard looked stiff, and Earth looked like scenes from Just Visiting. I wanted to punch Kat Dennings in the face. To my surprise the film really did a great job grounding Asgard in the opening 20 minutes. It set up the world Thor came from well enough to make some of the ‘man out of time’ jokes fun. The pet store scene still kills me.

Love- Loki

This past year at the New York Comic Con, girls gushing over Tom Hiddleston monopolized the Avenger’s panel Q+A time. This aggravated me a great deal since very few interesting questions were asked.  But secretly, I totally get it. He was incredible. He stole each and every scene he was in. He acted circles around Chris Hemsworth, which I hope was on purpose because it perfectly encapsulated the Loki/Thor relationship. So happy he is in Avengers.

Hate- The After Credits Scene

This is the worst of the bunch. They clearly didn’t have a lot of ideas and found a completely boring way to connect Thor to Captain America. The reveal of Thor’s hammer during the credits of Iron Man 2 was great because everyone knows Thor’s hammer.  The reveal of the tesseract was boring, because I had to explain it to everyone I knew. Also it’s called a Cosmic Cube.

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