Avengers Countdown!

‘Avengers’ is out this week! We will all be there at midnight. We could not be more excited. This has been building for years. Nothing like this has ever been attempted. The closest we have ever come to this on the big screen is ‘Alien vs. Predator.’ Now let’s all get that comparison out of our heads.

This week we’ll be going through the films that have gotten us here. Let’s play Like, Love, Hate!

Iron Man

Like- Downey

Downey knocked it out of the park. He was charming, but you wanted to punch him. He was Tony Stark. I could watch a movie entitled ‘Tony Stark.’ The scenes of him talking to his robots could have elicited eye rolls but it had crowds engaged. For the opposite please watch MOST of Spider-man 3. What kept me from loving him was that he didn’t seem smart enough. He did plenty of really smart things, but never really felt like a genius.

Love- The Suits

This was the make it or break it factor, and they were perfect; especially the Mark I. They looked, more importantly than anything else, functional. Randy Quaid could have played Tony Stark, but if the suits were awesome the movie would have been entertaining. If the suits sucked, then not even the most perfect actor you could have thought of would have done nothing for the movie.  For example, see Willem Defoe’s great performance as Osborn, but the stupid looking Green Goblin suit.

Hate- The Boss Battle

Jeff Bridges was great as Obadiah Stane. He played friendly and menacing equally well. The suit he built looked a formidable challenge to Stark’s. The fight was boring. The fight was really, really boring. I hate to say it but what ruined 2 robots both under 10 feet tall, were more than a dozen robots 20 feet tall fighting in Transformers.  This fight was a step down from a lot of what we’ve seen in recent years.

Stay tuned later today for Iron Man 2!


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4 thoughts on “Avengers Countdown!

  1. johnnytigs says:

    That boss battle was WEAK! I love Jeff Bridges and all, but come on! Also, since you said “most,” which parts of Spiderman 3 did Parker seem smart enough to you?

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