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New Comic Wednesday

Fury Max
We need a Nick Fury movie. He’s such a rich character with a giant history. He’s also a figure head of the entire new marvel movie universe and very little is known about him. How did he get to where he is? How is SHEILD what it is? Who does it answer to? Who was that strange cabal he kept talking to on the Helicarrier?
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Like, Love, Hate- Iron Man 2

Like- Black Widow

When it was first released that Scarlett Johansson was playing Black Widow in this film I was nothing but worried that the incredibly complex and history rich character of Natasha Romanov would be reduced to cleavage. I was very happy to see that they gave her some great scenes. They showcased her spying as well as her fighting skills. Yes, there was cleavage. Yes, I enjoyed it.  What made me really appreciate her character was that it was still and Iron Man movie that Black Widow was a small part of. We didn’t have to spend forever getting to know her. I do hope there is more to her in Avenger’s.

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