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Pain And Gain Trailer

Now before we all jump on Michael Bay for making nothing but awful movies, lets remember he directed The Rock, Bad Boys, and one of my favorite action movies of all time, Bad Boys II.  I like that with Pain and Gain he’s getting back to telling a smaller story (by his standards) and it’s set in the 90’s, a time he knows extremely well having been a music video director.

His leads are Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and The Rock playing a bunch of juiced-up gym rats.  I’m sold on that alone.

See for yourself:

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Captain America 2 is Close To Casting It’s Female Lead

It almost seems like we need to have a separate website devoted to Marvel news.  Anyway, it appears that Joe and Anthony Russo are close to finding their woman to star alongside Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan  in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  While it has not explicitly been stated, the role is likely that of Sharon Carter.  Sharon is the niece of Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), and would make the most sense to be the lead character in this film.  She’s been Cap’s girlfriend and was also a SHIELD agent at one point, so she fits in the world perfectly.  Anyway Marvel has shortened it’s list to three acresses:

Anna Kendrick

Felicity Jones

Imogen Poots

While Anna Kendrick is the biggest name and is an actress I really like, I don’t know that this role is right for her.  She does bright and bubbly well, but I can’t imagine her to be any kind of agent of SHIELD.

Imogen Poots just looks a little young to me, but she’s gorgeous and I think could pull off the strength required for a character like Sharon.

Felicity Jones I know nothing about but from a quick google search, she looks like she could easily play a relative of Peggy Carter.  They have a bit of a likeness, I just know nothing of her skill set as an actress.

Anyway they decide to go, I think they are all pretty good choices.  Kendrick might surprise me considering, she’s probably the best actress out of the bunch and this would give her more of a lead role than she’s had up to this point.  I bet they have this all wrapped up within the next few weeks.

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Fake Movie Friday: Kaine and Able

The idea for this film came out of our practice last week. We were discussing making a movie about Suge Knight and Tupac. It somehow shaped its way into being a bible allegory. Let’s do this.

Kaine and Able

Movie opens up on two kids outside on a stoop. They have a boom box. They are both rapping along to ‘California Love.’ The smaller of the kid is shown clearly idolizing the other. The song ends and the older kid puts his arm around the other and says “Listen lil’ bro. One day people will be singing my songs. I’m going to be huge.” The camera zooms back and fades to the opening credits as the kids start to sing another song.
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Anthony Mackie as Falcon?

It is being reported that Marvel is actively in negotiations for Anthony Mackie to play the character of Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Almost anything being reported on the Marvel front these days ends up happening so I’m going to assume this is going to happen.  Here is what you get by incorporating Falcon into Captain America:

-You get a black character

-You get people to chill on asking for Black Panther

-You get a character that will require less of an origin story than B.P. does

-You get a character who will be introduced into the new Avengers cartoon as the eyes of the viewer.  So here you are going to get a bunch of kids who see themselves as him, happy to see him in a movie.

While I would rather see Black Panther become an Avenger over Falcon, I think Anthony Mackie can bring the requisite coolness to a character like this, and it will also flesh out the Captain America world more.  Considering all his buddies are dead (minus Bucky), this helps keep his movie-verse active.  Only issue now is what happens with Bucky.  Lets assume Chris Evans and Mackie are the good guys this time, can Sebastian Stan really hold his own this time around? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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The Quests Stands Upon the Edge of a Knife

A few weeks ago Russ brought you news about the Black Panther Movie. Casting rumors are starting and it’s a classic case of good idea, don’t you fucking ruin this movie right because I will flip the fuck out.
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New Comic Wednesday

Fury Max
We need a Nick Fury movie. He’s such a rich character with a giant history. He’s also a figure head of the entire new marvel movie universe and very little is known about him. How did he get to where he is? How is SHEILD what it is? Who does it answer to? Who was that strange cabal he kept talking to on the Helicarrier?
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