Fake Movie Friday: Kaine and Able

The idea for this film came out of our practice last week. We were discussing making a movie about Suge Knight and Tupac. It somehow shaped its way into being a bible allegory. Let’s do this.

Kaine and Able

Movie opens up on two kids outside on a stoop. They have a boom box. They are both rapping along to ‘California Love.’ The smaller of the kid is shown clearly idolizing the other. The song ends and the older kid puts his arm around the other and says “Listen lil’ bro. One day people will be singing my songs. I’m going to be huge.” The camera zooms back and fades to the opening credits as the kids start to sing another song.

We fade back in to a man named Will, played by Edwin Hodge, waking up next to his wife. She stirs a bit but he kisses her and says go back to bed. After a shower he puts on work boots and heads out of the bedroom. He passes by his son who is quietly watching TV. He tells him he loves him and kisses him. He walks out the door and begins rapping to himself.

As he’s leaving work his boss pulls him aside and tells him he’s going to have to cut down on his hours. He says something about his son’s medical bills. He leaves and from a car we here “Yo lil’ bro.” It’s Anthony Mackie playing the older brother. He sits in his car and seems to be better off.

Will brings his brother home for dinner. He speaks of being a music producer and goes by the name Kaine now. The two brothers sit outside drinking beers. Kaine tells him about a new act he’s been working with, a young up and coming singer. He invites his brother to go meet Smooth, a famous music mogul of EDEN Records they idolized as kids.

They meet Smooth, played by Ice T, he listens to the music that Kaine has brought him. The guys is good but Smooth doesn’t seem impressed. He thanks Kaine as Will steps out to use the bathroom. He raps to himself again and when he turns around he notices Smooth behind him. Smooth compliments him and says he wants to hear him in the booth.

Kaine is upset and is confused when his brother steps into the recording booth. Smooth tells Kaine to sit down as Will starts to rap. Smooth loves it. He asks his name.

“Will, sir.”
“Can you work for me?”
“Yes sir”
“Willing and Able. I like it.”

Kaine storms out and meets with Smooth later in his office. He is mad that he threw away his track and signed his brother at the drop of a hat just after a simple rap. Smooth explains that Kaine was giving him what he thought Smooth wanted, just some over produced cookie cutter rapper. Able, as he starts to call Will, gave him heart; he gave him everything he had. It was true and it was real. Kaine leaves.

Will goes home and tells his wife that everything will be okay. That he’s found a way to pay for their son’s medical bills. There is a sound outside. It’s raining and Will finds his brother in front of the house, drunk. He yells at his Will for taking all the glory. Will yells that it’s not about glory. Kaine still has a career in music; he’s just got to try again. Kaine yells that he put so much work into this act and attacks his brother. They wrestle around and Kaine picks up a brick and kills Will. Kaine looks at the blood on his hands as the rain washes it off. He runs.

He busts into a club where Smooth is and begs for help. Smooth looks down at him and says, “You’re out of Eden.” Kaine runs off but is met by the police outside with Will’s wife. They take him away as he screams that he’s sorry, begging for her forgiveness. She turns away from him.


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2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: Kaine and Able

  1. Dunn says:

    How did I miss the Eden reference, I feel dumb. I can’t wait for the sequel The Curse of Kaine (check out the Mormon version http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_and_mark_of_Cain … frightening)

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Just as I envisioned it at practice, IF NOT better. Well done as always pete

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