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Fury Max
We need a Nick Fury movie. He’s such a rich character with a giant history. He’s also a figure head of the entire new marvel movie universe and very little is known about him. How did he get to where he is? How is SHEILD what it is? Who does it answer to? Who was that strange cabal he kept talking to on the Helicarrier?

Fury Max is a mini-series that focuses on the one eyed spy’s time before the Vietnam War. The story is framed by an older battle worn Fury telling the story into a tape recorder. This sort of story telling device could work if Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t up for the task of big action star. A younger actor could be used for the bulk of the film or just for flashier action sequences told in flashback.

If the movie were to connect the time between Captain America and Iron Man would be quite interesting. We could see Fury being inspired by Captain America and joining up to fight. Stumbling into something much bigger than himself and becoming a part of a pre-SHIELD spy agency, possibly fancy 50s CIA. Then tracing the formation of SHIELD and Fury’s rise to his current position. Fun cameos could be included like a younger Coulson, Widow, or Hawkeye. Perhaps bring back one of the versions of Howard Stark we’ve seen on film.

The script would really have to be smart. The spy part of the film would need to outweigh the action. There’s also a ton of potential in the film to help set up future sequels of the other Avenger characters. As a young Fury, I don’t see a better choice than Anthony Mackie.

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    I audibly shouted “FUCK YES” when you recommended Anthony Mackie for young Fury. Then I had to explain to my co-workers what I was doing. Then I played them a recent MMP. Then I got a lot of weird looks. Now no one is talking to me anymore

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