RebootoTron sets it’s sights on Manimal

Remember that shitty show from the 80’s Manimal? No? Well it was a show, ergo it can now be adapted and rebooted into a movie.

Fuck this.

Manimal was an early 80’s tv show about a Dr. who could turn into animals and used that power to help the police solve crimes.  Seriously.  That is not a fake movie friday.  That was a real thing.  Because it was a TV show tho, he really only ever turned into a Hawk or a Panther.  If he turned into another animal, they just didn’t show the transformation onscreen, since the only morphing sequences were Hawk and Panther.


The 80’s had some really bad ideas (Small Wonder, “Very Special Episodes about Pedophilia’, etc.), but Manimal might be the worst one.  It was so bad that it was canceled after 3 months.  8 episodes in total exist, so this is what Sony decides needs to be adapted.  Are we this creatively bankrupt that we have to start taking the worst ideas from 30 years ago?


There is no way this wont get turned into a Happy Madison comedy for Rob Schneider (though he technically already made that movie), or Nick Swardson, or hell, Andy Samberg.

It’s going to suck and I’m not going to see it.

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