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TV to Film Adaptations & How I Don’t Care

Deadwood, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights, Party Down, Entourage, and now Breaking Bad.  These television shows all have something in common in that they were all excellent.  Deadwood, Arrested, Party Down, and Friday Night Lights never caught on like they should have however, and ended far earlier as a result.  At least FNL and Entourage got to actually finish, which is nice, and Breaking Bad knew ahead of time what it’s end date would be, so we should get closure.

This begs my question:  Why would anyone want to see a movie of any of these television shows?

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Captain America 2 and Keeping My Inner Fanboy At Bay

So Captain America 2 finally has a director and it’s not Joe Johnston, who did a masterful job.  It’s Joe and Anthony Russo.  Directors of many episodes of Arrested Developed, Executive Producers of Happy Endings and Community (two of the funniest shows on tv), and Directors of You, Me, and Dupree, an utterly useless and unfunny Owen Wilson vehicle.

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